There's no timetable, take your time, in your own time

This is a quote from one of my music heroes,  David Bowie, Mr Changes himself & let's face it, a saying we all must have thought at some time of our life.


"I try everyday to pattern my life so I enjoy the moment. Something I find hard to appreciate whether it's is an up Or down moment, be in it & embrace it, be honest with it; the truth is there; the layers have to be slowly peeled away. It takes time & there is no set time".


So this last year I have taken a few risks. A writing group, a dance group 'Zumba', now that was funny. I didn't realise it was an advanced class. I looked like a right pillock seeing all these people (80% very fit) knowing all these fast moving steps. I soon realised I was liking the energy. I was one of three men there & I suddenly felt no embarrassment; I had the thought of finding an over 50's class so I can learn the steps. Two weeks on & I am looking at booking  a free session this week. Wish me luck!!!


July 2017  update - Been to two different classes, one Tango & one Zumba. It was great getting out, but I am pretty rubbish. It's great I can get theses lessons free with my gym membership. My fellow pupils who have been there a while keep pushing me on & say that I will get it. ummmm. well it's fun, let's see where it takes me.




There's no timetable, take your time, in your own time

David Bowie in 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'


At times I do feel like an alien upon this earth.


A person in a glass cage seeing the world go by


So, position, position, position.......


.......yourself, with every tool available........

for me...............

cycling.....writing...........& hopefully dancing

There's no timetable, take your time, in your own time