Here's pictures of the Saturday club I cook for who are homeless.


I spent £32.00 & made a 3 course meal: Old fashion Cream of Tomato Soup, Pork Sausages, Chicken goujons, Paxo stuffing, Bisto gravy with peas. Lastly Bread & Butter Pudding.

I did provide the basil & Lemon Thyme from My raise beds in my front patch.


I am putting together 12 receipes together in a booklet. They show budget, menu & method.

Hopefully we will let in clients to show them how to cook these receipes, if they choose to get involved.

I find my time there really forfilling.


WE organise bingo a jewerelly making room. A TV room & a chat room. Sometimes there is a quiz, this week was about the Royal family, as it was Harry & Megans wedding day & they can win a £5.00 food voucher.

Once a month an aqupunture person offers there services. We also support them if they enquire about other services that might help them for their future.


People who are homeless are people. There are many reasons why they have dropped out of society. You will surprised at there storeys.

Look out for such projects & if you can give up half a day a month volunteering, believe you me once you have done it once, you will be volunteering more of your time.