This is my new Canapés menu for a client of mine.

In my past life of outside catering this was part of my work. I have kept a client who supports my new career. Once a month I provide Canapés for 60 to 80 guests. My invoice helps me pay the bills & enables me to use the time in the month to do my courses and so to put my grand plan into action.


The Menu : On the spoons, Salmon I cured myself, with dill mustard, cavier with a sprinkling of breadcrumbs,

Beetroot with chorizo, Mackerel & lemon thyme.

A ciabatta crostini with Beetroot, crumbled feta & basil.

A Tiger prawn skewered with garlic, ginger & lemon.

A sweet chilli wrap with rocket, watercress and spinach with cream cheese.

Yorkshire pudding with creamy horseradish & parsley.

A Parmesan tartlet with chives.