BEEKEEPING - who would have thought it.

I went to the London Bee Keeping Association; a weekend course 150 pounds, tea & biscuits included. I really enjoyed it, they organize a variety of speakers, sharing there knowledge & experience. This should save you money in the long run.

I did this course as its part of my interest in nature & to apply it to the 'wellbeing' area. On the contrary to what you might think, it is a very soothing pastime & something so amazing to see the busy bees working together.


Some facts: There are 20,000 different types of bee in the world. The UK have 200 varieties, but one honey bee. Without pollen transporting insects we would lose 33% of our vegetation in the world.

The Drones, the male of the species is to mate with the Queen bee in mid air. The workers, the female of the species, literally work themselves to death. Ummmmm.


After the course you are put in touch with a mentor (locally), who you visit during the summer, so you practice & receive great advice from an experienced keeper. It can be quite an expensive hobby; a worthy one I think & as I said quite calming.

I would love to introduce it one day, when I have the funds & space. The rewards are amazing.