Cognitive therapy, never worked in the past; this time I was open to it.  Maybe it is because I had a good counsellor, in fact I know I did!  Once the door slightly opens, things do look more simple and you kind of say ‘why didn’t I think of that?’.  There is a lot of confusion and a continuous thought process, sometimes it really hurts, but I keep on saying this is better than a binge and this surely is the truth; and the saying goes ‘the truth hurts’.  It is not easy but it does help.  I will try my best to be honest enough to tell you what my truths were.


Update July 2017 - I was recommended to have extended therapy, as councilors were coming to the conclusions that I had abandonment issues. In hindsight I can make that out. Unfortunately, as the years went on, I set things up to be abandoned before I was hurt. This of course made things worse as it spilled into my working & personal life. Now, will I go for more specialized therapy? Not for the moment. I am talking to close friends & family more and with honesty, there is a response & my daughter has become good at monitoring me. And to be honest just playing games with the grand children really helps. In addition, working on my friends allotment & the college one, as well as my small patch, also helps. I am also volunteering to help keep bees, something that has always fascinated me. I find the outdoors (a simple walk in the sun) & nature does help me. Doing chi Kung outside in the park, so helps my clarity, hence understanding & again relaxing me more. That's my therapy for the moment. Use your local charities to join groups & activities, it really does help. There is a lot of people in

the same boat, your not on your own. You can hop in & out of these activities without any pressure.