I will be writing a weekly food budget for tasty, healthy Menus.


In time, I will be showing videos, with guest appearances of people trying out the Menu's.


They will be briefly talking about there life experiences and how it affects their current eating and living lifestyle.


You are invited to send in the recipes (with photos) of your meals.


The above picture:

Pork Loin, with salad and mashed potato


A salad of red onion, tomato & spinach leaf, with a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper


A broccoli soup which I had made earlier in the week used as the base of the dish


Pork loin simply pan fried, with a little bit of garlic, butter, salt & pepper


A creamy mashed potato, used as a bed for the pork loin


Lastly, some olive oil drizzled over the whole dish




Detailed recipes, with pictures and videos will be in the 'food budgeting and recipes for the week' page, as and when they become available.


Thank you.



I have now found food important.  I am a chef and I thought I knew the healthy side of life when it came to food but my problem was I ate rubbish.  I could devise a beautiful quality menu, but when it came to me OMG, convenient food, let’s say, tonnes of it and shovelling (I think that’s the word), yeah, shovelling it down my throat, I did not breathe inbetween gulps.  I had reached 18 1/2 stone (120 kilos) four stone over weight, another form of punishment I think I was giving myself.  Like a good Catholic, I was whipping myself with barbed wire.  I am not knocking religion, in fact I was head altar boy in my local catholic church.  It just did not answer all of my questions properly.  So, food; what did I do; I started to eat ‘no label foods’: fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts, lentils and homemade bread.  I lost 1 1/2 stone in one month without exercise.  I eat probably more in weight of food than before, but basically a no refined sugar diet, no processed food.  I realised it wasn’t because I had a sweet tooth, I just craved ‘rubbish’, as I was an addict to sugar and like an addict, had a craving for sugar.


Through lack of monies, I was given a ‘foodbank’ parcel once a week, which I utilized, but I still tried to keep to a ‘No Label Diet’. Again, I started to have some clarity with my mental side. I had more energy and with more energy I started to take risks.  I call it ‘risks without fear’.  I will, with the help of a friend, show on video what I have cooked for myself, also teaching you how to ‘food budget’.  It really helped me, I hope it helps you too.

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