Hi all, to put you in the picture, just over a year ago I suffered a small mental breakdown, which was the result of lifestyle choices and the culmination of years of living a sedentary routine life.


It seemed that for the best part of 20-25 years I was doing the same things day after day. Getting up early, travelling 2 hours each way to and from work and then spending the rest of the time mostly just plonked in front of the TV, tablet, laptop or phone. For most of this period I was more or less content with my lot.


Then at the beginning of 2018 I had an experience which I don't want to go into, but needless to say it caused the breakdown of my mental state. For a couple of months I struggled to come to terms with my life and the way it was heading, then a small thing happened which has turned my life on its head (so to speak).


A good close friend of mine started a YouTube channel and began to get a large community of subscribers. After following him and subscribing myself, I began to accumulate more subscribers to my channel (had it for some years but never bothered with it - 21 was my total subs). I started adding content to it, nothing major, just garden, wildlife, nature, sunrises, sunsets and my everyday life travelling to work and views form my office. After my subscriber levels started to grow, I found myself really happy and looking forward to creating more content.


It has since (over the last 10 months or so) changed my outlook on life and where previously I had been quite short tempered and angry a lot of the time, I am now much calmer and philosophical about everything.


So, in short, having a pastime, hobby, call it what you will, has changed my life for the better and I am now looking forward to what the future brings.


The other main reason for my changed outlook is the support received from my wife, sister and most of all Jude himself, without whom none of these changes would have occurred.


I hope this helps in some small way in giving you hope for the future and that life can be made better by small things and changes.


Thanks to Jude for allowing me to write this little piece.


All the best.....PAG.