Any donations would be greatly appreciated and all proceeds will be used to support this community project .. please mail me


The aim is to create a 'Real' Community café. Here I will staff the café with local people. Mainly from disadvantage teenagers, single parents & people with mental health issues.


I have been a resident in this area since 1963. Therefore I think it would be great to invest my time & energy to support people in west London especially Westminster, the area I know best.


Being in retail & catering for the past 20 plus years will hold me in good stead I feel. My love of food, customer service, product knowledge & energy to teach using my experience has given me an extra buzz.


I have a 10 year business plan; community café with a outside London mini farm, with a hostel connected, so local school kids can learn how to grow 'foods' & bring that knowledge back to the city. Hopefully there would also be people that use the hostel as a working holiday. Once the farm is set I would use my catering knowledge to have certain 'cottage industries' in place so the farm supports its self.


I have a dream that people of all ages, families & people from all walks of life come to the café & farm & support each other in some way. Especially at the farm that (where all gadgets are handed in), having people enjoy the day & in the evening I cook the produce of the farm for everyone sitting at the one large table & talk to each other face to face. Have I gone to far into dream land. Do you think this is 'pie in the sky'. Maybe I will call the café 'Pie in the Sky'


Actual Donation Information:


I will receive £2500.00 to design a concise book, to prepare each class & book a venue, to be ready next spring. There will be a larders worth of food to buy in, as well as kitchen equipment.

I will also be using the monies to apply for a teaching diploma level 3 (12- week course)

I had to put forward my proposal to a panel, there was a form to fill out asking detailed questions, as well as costings.

I had previously done the 10 week course to help me fill out the form, very necessary, as my business acumen was dated and also, to build my idea up & share the difficulties I had.

After my second proposal I passed the boards tests. What relief. Of course now I need to do it. Unfortunately, my costings surpassed the £2500.00, I went over by £600.00. This means I can’t pay myself a wage or pay for the teaching course. I am asking for donations to help support these classes.

I want to try and get funding from local corporate companies, to pay for future classes which will include a wage. I would like to run 2 classes a week throughout the year. The plan is to bring it to schools to teach at an early age, so we prevent future people going ‘down’. I will be supporting your donations with step by step timings within the project, as well as sections of the book.


Thank you for your time, Jude